About Cozumel Ocean Research


Our mission at Cozumel Ocean Research is to nurture sustainable futures for marine and human families by inspiring passion for our oceans, empowering communities (both locals and visitors) with the knowledge to engage in the common stewardship of natural resources, and informing conservation policy through the collaborative scientific effort of accurate data collection and research. 

We are a not for profit, non-governmental organization formed in 2014 by local and international nature lovers from around the world whose place of residence is the island of Cozumel.


To safeguard and conserve our environment by promoting knowledge and recognition of the value that it has in our lives. Detailed knowledge will allow us to show the impact of threats, the pressure on the environment and help us mold a sustainable future for the island. With data collected and solid evidence, we will use research results to design effective conservation and educational campaigns for the protection of threatened species and their habitats, teaching awareness and by consequence, see short and long-term social benefits to the present and future generations of Cozumeleños.


We run various scientific research projects, some of which are centered around emblematic species that inhabit or migrate to the island, others focus on pollution concerns and industry pressure to this same environment. Our projects are dedicated to the collection of valuable data through which we may supply proposals that support the conservation of specific species and habitats.

Education and public initiatives

Education for all ages is the key strategy for realizing future benefits. Our immediate goals are to provide conferences, talks, and activities with local schools at all levels, to show them the beauty of this unique place they inhabit. Awareness of the interconnectedness of life on the reef and its fragility will make apparent the importance of conservation. An island is a living laboratory. Cozumel, located in the center of the Mesoamerican  Reef with its pristine natural areas, is home to many endemic and migratory species. Our ocean as a research center will offer an alternative for people, local and foreign to collaborate, develop and work on scientific projects.


Over the years, we have seen firsthand, the consequence development has had on the island. The National protected areas, the Marine Park, and other organizations have also created campaigns for conservation and various projects on the island. We work in collaboration with these and provide mutual support, in order to create a strong society through which we can make thoughtful recommendations to safeguard what we love.